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  • Welcome to visitShenzhen Hongxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.!


    The preferred wiring harness
    Fast delivery, stable quality, and increased customer competitiveness are the promise of Hongxing Service
    • Strict quality management system

      Strategic consulting refers to consulting services for companies in the areas of management, decision making, marketing, and forecasting. In the aspect of strategy consulting, consulting company experts have many years of history and experienced industry background and knowledge accumulation...

    • Highly qualified staff team

      Human resources also refer to the general term of education, skills, experience, physical strength, etc., owned by people in organizations within a certain period of time and that can be used by companies and contribute to value creation. In the narrow sense, it is the independence of enterprises and institutions...

    • World-class equipment

      Brand marketing is to make customers form the cognitive process of corporate brands and products through marketing. It is an enterprise that wants to continuously obtain and maintain competitive advantages and must build a high quality marketing concept. The most advanced marketing is invisible...

    • International Standard Qualification

      Corporate culture is the spiritual wealth and material form created by the company's characteristics in the production, operation and management activities under certain conditions...

    about us
    Shenzhen Hongxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen Hongxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 and is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, one of the most economically developed cities in China. It is a company that integrates development, design, manufacture, production, and sales to produce all kinds of plug wires and electronic connectors. The professional manufacturer, the factory is a general taxpayer enterprise, can issue 17% point VAT, the company has experienced engineers with nearly twenty years of experience in the industry, has a professional and lean engineering technology and quality assurance team. Since its inception...


    A professional manufacturer of all kinds of plug wires and electronic connectors integrating development, design, manufacture, production, and sales
    • Security Monitoring
    • High speed interconnection harness
    • Digital consumption
    • Communication Control
    • Internet product
    • New energy automotive wiring harness
    • Medical Beauty
    • Converter adapter
    • Entreprise's news
    • Latest News
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      In an excess capacity, serious homogeneity and pure Moore's law gradually cannot meet the internal demand of era, people are try very hard to tell a story, and let the product or service, one of the "feelings" landing weight is design of the good and not abrupt.
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      AeroMobil flying cars at an airport in the slovak republic testing crash accident, fortunately, the pilot ejected, even though the company claims the accident helps them improve AeroMobil3.0 prototype, however, and the dream of flying cars launched in 2017 is likely to be delayed
    • 23

      Central Treasury securities registration and settlement companies released "national banking financial information registration system" of the Chinese banking market annual report (2014) "(hereinafter referred to as the" report ") to the market shows a picture of a banking financial market panorama
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      Someone once said, the invention of the wisdom of this age is intelligent express mail box, thoroughly solved the delivery from the time and space interaction problem of the last 100 meters, at the same time acting as the transmission link between property, the owner, Courier, thus successfully build wisdom city, the harmonious community. WeChat pay general manager Wu Yi once in the surveyed said, no communication, won't produce trade, no pay, no business. So, rather than express yi is a way of interaction, it is a kind of language
    • 23

      Recently, the ministry of finance, ministry of industry and national tax administration of three ministries jointly issued the supporting policies of new energy vehicles, the energy transport per car, the new energy vehicles will be completely breaks car. Data show that the first four months of this year, China's new energy car production grew nearly three times. The personage inside course of study says, whether it's new energy vehicles or traditional fuel the growth of the automobile consumption will drive the car after the auto parts market demand
    • 23

      "Although China nuclear power operation in nuclear exports and overseas has accumulated rich experience, but different countries have different decision-making procedures, nuclear power when go out to deal with all sorts of challenges. We need to study hard copy those international nuclear giant 60 years of operating experience, their own technology and operations management be the best."
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